Studio B

Cozy, comfortable, and perfect for record-making. This room is a Westlake Compression Room design and is connected to The Tracking Room (so is Studio A). Perfect for producers, bands, and writers who need a large assortment of instruments with plenty of mics and outboard gear, but don't need to record large groups at the same time. Line-of-sight to the main tracking floor and the two booths makes Studio B very intimate, efficient, and productive.


1979 Trident Trimix/Series 70 - 18 channels of classic British mic preamps and EQ. The mic preamps are identical to those on the famous Trident Series 80B desks from the same era. The EQ is also the same design, with two fully sweepable mid bands, but with fixed 100Hz shelf on the bottom and 10kHz shelf on top. This desk is in top condition, and sounds AMAZING. Modified and maintained by Vince Fast.


Pro Tools 2018
32 I/O via (2) Universal Audio Apollo 16
Mac Pro Trashcan


Atomic Instrument SixTen speakers - these things are incredible
Dangerous Music Monitor ST


Hearback Pro - 16 channel system with 8 mixers

Outboard Gear

In addition to the 18 channels of Trident mic pre/EQ in the desk...
(2) BAE 1028 channels
A-Designs MP2 Stereo Tube Preamp
(2) Empiritcal Labs Distressor EL8X
Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier
Hairball Blue Stripe 1176
Joe Meek VC1Q - class A British mic pre/EQ/compressor
Gates STA Level
Ampex 351 Mic Pre


(2) Korby KAT FET - matched sequential pair
(2) AKG C414 B-ULS
Audix D6
Sennheiser MD441
Sennheiser MD421-II
(2) Cascade Fat Head
(2) Audio Technica ATM25
Sennheiser E609
Shure SM7b
(3) Shure SM57
(2) Unidyne III
Shure SM57 (transformerless mod)
(2) Rode NT5
ElectroVoice Omni Dynamic
Placid Audio Copperphone


Everett upright Piano
1974 Rhodes MkI Suitcase 88
Korg Minilogue
Yamaha SK-20
Toy Piano
Various MIDI controllers from Arturia and AKAI


1966 Ludwig Keystone - Red Sparkle kit (22”, 13”, 16”)
1971 Slingerland - Red Tiger Pearl kit (20", 13", 16")
C&C mahogany - Aged White Marine Pearl kit (20", 13", 16")
CCP Chicago Classic kit - black marine pearl (22”, 12”, 16”)
1962 Ludwig Keystone WMP bass drum (28"x10")
1964 Rogers Dynasonic snare drum (6.5”x14”)
Slingerland vintage aluminum snare (5"x14")
C&C Mahogany snare (6.5"x14")
Ludwig Black Beauty (5"x14")
CCP Bloodwood snare (6.5"x14")
Tons and tons of percussion and noisy toys


Gibson Firebird - custom modified by Roberts Custom Instruments
Gibson SG - custom modified by Roberts Custom Instruments
Gibson CS336
Gibson ES135
Gibson Les Paul Supreme
Gretsch Duo Jet
Fender AVRI '62 Jaguar
1973 Fender Mustang Competition
1973 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
Moniker Custom Zuma (Jag style with humbuckers)
Gibson Grabber G3 bass
Fender American Standard Jazz Bass


Orange Rockerverb 30
Goodsell Custom 33
1963 Fender Bassman - blonde with 2x12 cab
1964 Fender Bandmaster - blackface with 2x12 cab
1965 Fender Super Reverb - modified to 1x15
Reeves Custom 50
1964 Silvertone 1484 "Twin Twelve" with 2x12 cab
Ampeg SVT-CL with 8x10 cab
Ashdown ABM500
Analog Outfitters Sarge
Bad Cat Classic Deluxe
Top Hat King Royale K-35 2x12 combo