These dudes spend way too much time here.

They are the individual "owners" of each room, and who you will be communicating with when working out details to rent a room with or without them as engineer/producer.


Bobby Holland

Studio A

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee - Bobby mixes, produces, and plays guitar on records like it's his dream job or something. He's a Grammy-nominated engineer who has worked on over 15,000 songs and hundreds of albums since he started recording in 1998. Predominantly focused on indie rock and pop, but also loves some great country, americana, and jazz. He says, "If you mean what you're singing, I'll probably love it". Bobby also really, really, really likes fresh fruit. And good bourbon.

Twitter / Instagram: @bobby_holland
Facebook: /bobbyholland


Will Pugh

Studio B

Will Pugh has achieved much success: records he’s performed on and produced have sold over 500,000 copies, and he’s notched two Top 40 hits under his belt, including the RIAA certified Gold single "Honestly". While Pugh has showcased his pop-rock talents with Cartel, he is plenty versatile, well-versed in alternative, rock, straight-ahead pop, electronic music, and more.

Twitter / Instagram: @willpug


Scott Harter

Studio C

Since 2005, Scott has been making music in Nashville as an artist, songwriter, record producer, guitar player and publisher. For 5 years, Scott was a signed, touring country artist/songwriter with his former band, The Harters. Scott took his talent for songwriting and moved into producing with the start of his production company, Nashville Demo Works. He has been producing demos and records for songwriters/artists all around the country for the last few years. Other than that, Scott is tall. He likes jalapeños and good rye whiskey.

Instagram: @scottharter
Facebook: /scott.harter.77